Migrating your Real Estate Data

Migrating your Real Estate Data

Legacy versus new system apps is hot topic of discussion in the Real Estate Brokerage world right now. With Loft as a relative newcomer (just over 2 years) to the Real Estate Brokerage accounting space, we talk data migration all the time.

Data is a wonderful thing, when we have the ability to use it. In line with that topic, one of the questions we answer every single day is how clients can efficiently move from a legacy program to Loft. We have built Loft with ease of importing data setup information, whenever exportable from a legacy system.

The type of information we can migrate through export / import:

  • Agent profile detail
  • Agent assignment of deductions and overrides per Agent
  • Supplier list
  • GL accounts
  • Chargeable item codes with GL assignment
  • Year-to-date production by Agent
  • Year-to-date deductions by Agent

We are always available to discuss Brokerage solutions, as well as general data efficiency and effective practices. If you would like to chat about the finer details of your Brokerage, grab a time that works for you from our live calendar: www.loft47.com/live-demo -- we are happy to share our knowledge and experience!